Shatter the Illusions-
Patriots Must Reject the Two-Party System

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"Everybody knows that the dice are loaded. Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed. Everybody knows the war is over. Everybody knows the good guys lost. Everybody knows the fight was fixed. The poor stay poor, the rich get rich. That's how it goes, Everybody knows" - Leonard Cohen

NOTE: Elements within the U.S. Government have been threatening web site administrators all over the internet and forcing them to take down the following article because it's exposes the Bush/Cheney cabal's involvement in the coming economic collapse of 2008.

Everyone make copies of this article and send it everywhere so everyone will be fully aware of how the economic collapse was engineered to happen on purpose.

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Shatter the Illusions- Patriots Must Reject the Two-Party System

By: Peter Chamberlin

The illusion is a shield, a curtain to hide the preparations being made off-stage from the spectators, to seal the fate of mankind. The stage hands know that one day the curtain will be lifted on their epic tragedy, revealing all that is now hidden. Our task is to expose the men behind the curtain before they can stage their final act.

It is time for Americans to grow-up and learn to think for themselves. All our lives we have had it so easy, with the ever-growing “nanny state” keeping us safe from the big bad world, making our decisions for us. This is the year of change. Nothing will ever be the same after this next election.

This is not saying that either of these two candidates will make a difference on anything important, it is simply a hard fact that “the powers that be” have decided that November 4, 2008 is to be a pivotal day in human history. After that day, the tyrants’ hands will be loosed from all restraining considerations, no political force will be able to deter the internationalists’ conspiracy from completing the global empire. The American people must be made to face this fact now, before the day of reckoning arrives.

With the passing of that fateful day, the “dogs of war” will truly be unleashed upon the innocent unprepared world. After the great game is decided, about whether our Nation shall be dominated by Republicans or “Republicans-lite” the real “shock and awe” will get underway. The outcome of this election will not change one thing, for Obama, like Clinton before him, is just another Republican “wannabe.” (Ask yourself: If Bush Sr. would have bombed more people than did Clinton, had he been elected?) Whoever wins in November, we will experience the national pain of a renewed draft, to feed our new war with another of Israel’s mortal enemies (probably all of Israel’s enemies at once).

Both candidates have more or less pledged to continue the failed military policies of Bush and Cheney and pretend that they are not lost causes. Neither of them will shut-down these old wars or the new military aggressions that the “nut jobs” plan to launch before inauguration day. Surely we will be at war with Iran by then, since both candidates and their vices have sworn allegiance at the feet of Israel. The Israel/Neocon alliance surely maintains control, as they openly push us towards nuclear war against Iran.

We are absolutely in a war escalation scenario with Pakistan right now, after Bush’s recent declaration of Pakistan as a third war theater (just like Iran and Afghanistan). One thing is for certain, the Pakistani Army has decided it is no longer Bush’s “bitch,” as evidenced by today’s four-hour firefight with American ground troops and the repelling of two US helicopter gun ships earlier in the day. Other news reports, that Pakistan’s Tehrik Taliban Pakistan (TTP) are CIA tools, and that these American allies are the target of Pakistan’s ongoing military campaign, tell us that America has a rather large fight on its hands if it escalates the war there. Both of America’s presidential candidates have pledged to export the Afghan war into Pakistan.

Neither party could survive without generating mountains of false hope. The voting minority has bought-in to the great false hopes championed by both political parties, an improved economy and an end to the war of terrorism, The candidates both promise to do the impossible, to repair the crumbling capitalist system and to “win” the war by escalating the force to irresistible levels, just like Nixon did in Cambodia. The greed of capitalism is consuming the system itself, and exponentially compounding human misery. The nature of the weapons in our arsenal and the level of force required to kill all those who resist our aggression guarantees that the war will not be “won” by any military means. The false hope that America’s tiny military force can conquer the entire world without destroying it, when it could not conquer either Iraq or Afghanistan, is only believable to the smallest of minds.

The “hope” offered by corporate-sponsored political parties is an illusion created within the people’s minds that somehow the same multinational corporations who have been busily raping this country of its vital industrial and economic resources for decades would, for some inexplicable reason, field candidates who are hostile to their degenerative corporate agenda.

The creation of a promissory illusion is the basis for all the brainwashing techniques employed in creating a scientific dictatorship in this country and over the entire planet. Once we believe the false promise, we set ourselves up to accept all the ensuing lies that support it. Getting people to believe in the lies that you offer them is the key to controlling them. If you can persuade them to go along with you, because you can allegedly see things that they cannot, like a better tomorrow than today, then they will docilely support the obvious evil that you do to bring them that better tomorrow.

The electoral farce is the epitome of this illusion-creating process. The psychologists and political scientists play on loyalties and human trust in their creation of political candidates who will fill party loyalists with false hope. The roots of the two-party system run through generations of families, workplaces and affiliations, binding unsuspecting sheeple with imaginary bonds of loyalty to lying politicians. Candidates with identical goals are portrayed as opposites, in order to catch naive unsuspecting souls from both sides of the fence in the same net. The illusion that either candidate will honestly represent the people, or work to save America or the world from the predatory forces that corrupt and bind us all, is a dangerous psychological poison that blinds the people to the truth, the only basis of real hope.

The sheeple embrace the illusion on a daily basis, making it effective auto-suggestion as they reinforce it repetitively within their own minds, like some hypnotic mantra. They eagerly embrace the corporate media messages, in hopes of someday pleasing their elitist masters enough to gain a seat at their right hand, earning a place alongside the corporate criminals who are gang-raping this planet. All believers in the constructed corporate fantasy world want, more than anything, to become part of that imaginary world.

There is no place for true morality in this illusory world, only a bastardized form of limited morality, that is designed to appease the miniscule aroused consciences of those who suffer twinges of their own humanity as they strangle the human race. The false hope that the massive catastrophic use of military force will tame this enraged planet is rationalized as a pseudo-morality, behind which the soldiers of the apocalypse can hide themselves from the enraged face of God. The illusion that mankind is like some great beast that can be tamed or “domesticated” by the judicious application of both punishment and rewards, thereby changing human nature itself, is the violent false hope that fuels the delusional dream-state.

One massive military setback or a series of smaller military setbacks will shatter this immoral worship of America’s awesome military machine and cause the disillusioned sheeple to awaken and to shake-off the binding illusion. It is our task to hasten that day of awakening by attacking the illusion, exposing the false hope, making room in their little cloistered minds so that the flooding light of true hope can shine through.

If we cannot reach the dreamers who live in the fantasy world constructed by the scientific dictatorship to comfort the disillusioned with delusional fantasies and escapism, then our only option is to shatter the world of fantasy. They hide the truth from the people. The cold truth that presently there is no hope is masked by false hope, offering more of the same disguised as something new.

“We are the change that we have been waiting for.” The way to bring this corrupt dictatorship down is simply by holding-up a mirror before them.

“I shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.”

REAL Freedom Library

History of Banking Fraud: The Coming Battle By  M. W. WALBERT 

The Coming Battle documents from Congressional records, newspaper reports and writings by the founding fathers and others a chronology of events long forgotten that shaped our fledgling nation from 1776 to 1899. Read about the manipulation of our money and its supply, the intentional creation of recessions, depressions and panics, manipulation of the stock markets, and the demonetization of silver.

Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins

Eustace Mullins' carefully researched and documented treatise picks up from Walbert's expose' of control of the money supply and the economy and brings it to the mid 1980's.

 The World Order by Eustace Mullins

How control of the world's money has inexorably led to an ever tighter grip on control of the world's people.

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Huxley presents a dystopic view of a future in which mind-control creates a harmonized society stratified into classes suitably manipulated and deprived to carry out work tasks with a hive mentality. A foreign element is inserted when a high ranking Alpha brings a Native American from a Reservation and a new perspective on freedom gnaws at the fabric of the propaganda matrix.

Propaganda by Edward Bernays

Walter Lippmann's book, Public Opinion, published in 1922, detailed the study in which he and Edward Bernays were involved while in London during the First World War. It had to do with painting pictures inside people's heads, which were cunningly and deliberately designed by expert craftsmen to mislead not only individuals but entire societies.

Pawns in the Game by William Guy Carr

This is the classic expose' of the New World Order from a Commander in the Canadian Navy through the first half of the 20th Century. Commander Carr was introduced to the Hidden Hand early in his life and pursuing its mysteries became a lifelong mission.

Social Credit by CH Douglas

In every country of the world the global financial system has repeatedly been brought to the Bar of Public Opinion as the chief factor in world unrest, and there is little doubt that the jury of We the People has confirmed the Verdict somewhat rhetorically expressed by Mr. William Jennings Bryan in his famous election speech: "The money power preys upon the nation in times of peace, and conspires against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces, as public enemies, all who question its methods, or throw light upon its crimes. It can only be overthrown by the awakened conscience of the nation." Social Credit by C.H. Douglas can clarify the issues from which we can move forward to create a financial system that is fair and equitable.

Final Warning: A History of the New World Order by by David Allen Rivera

David Allen Rivera has assembled a very carefully written history that can serve us well. To have been ignored in the history books, by the colleges and universities, the print and electronic media, and the entire national and international discussion shows their power to control the flow of information as much as they control the flow of money. What they intend to do with this power and influence should be one of the most vital topics of conversation.

An Independent Investigation of 9-11 and its Zionist Connection by Dr. Albert Pastore

History provides patterns that we can learn to recognize so that we can avoid them.  Properly presented, history provides any of us with invaluable tools to help us see behind the illusions.  No one who is paying attention to the patterns and their application to today's events would fail to miss the signals or the dog that fails to bark.

Uranium Wars by Leuren Moret

How control of the world's people has inexorably led to wider use of depopulation methods which include spreading radioactivity in food, water, air, and the human genome.

Taking Back Your Power by Allen Aslan Heart

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Stop playing THEIR game. Take back your power. Stop paying taxes that are not legal or lawful. Stop paying bills you don't really owe. Debt Elimination! Stop using THEIR money. There ARE ways if you open your mind and look for the gaps in their fences that keep the sheeple in their pasture. Are you chattel or a real person? You are the one who makes that choice.

Our experienced debt elimination service professionals have been helping people with debt elimination, tax freedom, and credit repair for over ten years. For more information click here. Get rid of debt! Eliminate Credit Card Debt! Debt Elimination is Real Freedom! Get out of debt and get to know REAL Freedom.

You can't have something for nothing,
you can't have your freedom for free.
You won't get wise with the sleep still in your eyes,
no matter what your dreams might be. - Rush

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