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The Constitution of N0 Authority - Spooner

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The 'Big Lie' Phenomenon
It is a principle of political propaganda that:


As Nietzsche wrote, "Everything the state says is a lie." This essay sets out to demonstrate that everything about the pretended "state" is a lie - including the pretended "state" itself. It is a gigantic fraud, a hoax, a nothing.

Cognitive Dissonance
This essay may contradict some of your basic ideas about the world - even if you are a most advanced Thinker, Libertarian, or Anarchist. "Cognitive dissonance" refers to the intellectual disruption that is caused by new or unusual ideas that challenge some of your current basic ideas. Your challenge is to handle any cognitive dissonance that may be caused by this essay, and not to let it interfere with your integration of this information.



The Constitution of N0 Authority - Lysander Spooner

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The rise in American consumer debt has been accompanied by a sharp increase in complaints about aggressive and sometimes unscrupulous tactics by debt collection agencies, a phenomenon that has government regulators increasingly concerned. Debt elimination removes any advantage they claim.

Debt Collection Puts on a Suit

As consumer loans hit an all-time high, the industry gets more sophisticated. That means that debt elimination skills must are even more important.

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Unalienable vs Inalienable

 by Frederick Mann, All Rights Reserved.

A Game Called "Countries"
There is a game called "Countries." The game consists of subgames with names such as "U.S.A.," "France," "U.K.," "Australia," "China," etc. Each subgame has its own "territory," often "bordered" by rivers or seas, which is shown on a map with all the other "territories," to define the area of each subgame, so all players "know" which subgame they are playing.

The players have different pieces they move around. Some pieces are considered more important and more powerful than other pieces. The pieces are called names like "king," "queen," "emperor," "president," "prime minister," "senator," "representative," "secretary," "judge," "general," "captain," "governor," "attorney," "marshall," "sheriff," "policeman," "policewoman," "lawyer," "businessman," "businesswoman," "doctor," "soldier," "citizen," "employer," "employee," "taxpayer," "voter," "parent," "child," "teacher," "preacher," "journalist," "unemployee," "criminal," "illegal immigrant," etc.

The pieces considered to be most important (joined in associations called "governments," "monarchies," etc.) make up the rules of their games as they go along. The rules are called "laws." The "most important players" change the rules whenever they like. The scores of the games are kept with tokens called "money."

The boards on which the games are played have good squares, neutral squares, and bad squares. If a piece lands on a good square, the player might win a million tokens or get a promotion and exchange his or her piece for a more important piece. If a piece lands on a neutral square, the player just continues as usual. If a piece lands on a bad square, the player might get sick or die, or might have "money" tokens or "property" "seized" by the "most important players," or is locked up in "jail" by the "most important players." Sometimes when two pieces land on the same square, they form a union called "marriage" - this could be good, neutral, or bad.

The "most important players" compel the players with pieces called "children" to move them into squares called "schools," where the pieces are "educated" so they will learn that this game called "Countries" is the "only" game. The children of some subgames are also "taught" that their subgame is the best game in the world, and that other subgames are bad. Of course, they are also "educated" on how to play the game.

Sometimes the "most important players" organize their own subgame called "war." The purpose of this subgame is to destroy as many pieces as possible. When a player's piece is destroyed, the player is killed and buried. Sometimes these "war" games also involve taking over the subgame of others, so as to expand the "territory" of their own subgame.

The silly little game called "Countries" also has elements called "problems" that need to be "solved." These "problems" are called names like: "terrorism," "unemployment," "inflation," "depression," "drug addiction," "pollution," "crime," "suicide," etc.

Practically all humans have been "educated," throughout their lives, to believe that they must play the silly little game called "Countries," and its silly little subgames like "U.S.A.," "France," "U.K.," "Australia," "China," etc. And if they don't like their silly little game, they must change their silly little game, for example, by begging "the most important players" to change some of the rules of their silly little game.

Horror of horrors! Humans are "educated" to believe that their silly little game is real life. They have no idea that what they are doing is just playing a silly, arbitrary, optional game, and that they can play many other games if they wake up. Is it justified to ask whether practically all humans are like characters in an Alice-in-Wonderland dream who never wake up?

Free Sovereign Individuals "jump out" of the silly little game ("the system") to the maximum practical degree. They think and live freely. They create their own new games and make their own rules. Of course, there are "most important players" with guns and jails who try to force everyone else to play their silly little game. Free Sovereign Individuals apply freedom technology to play the games of their choice.

Brief Biographical Sketch Of Lysander Spooner
This brief biography is based on the chapter, "Lysander Spooner, Dissident Among Dissidents," in the book Men Against The State by James J. Martin (Ralph Myles Publisher, Colorado Springs; 1970). I (Frederick Mann) first read The Constitution of no Authority (probably Spooner's most famous essay) in 1976. It had a profound effect on my thinking. First it became clear to me that there is no legitimate country called "The United States of America" - it is a gigantic hoax, a fraud, a nothing. Next I realized that all other pretended "countries" in the world were also hoaxes, frauds, or nothings - there were hucksters, hoaxes, and believers. The people who call themselves "governments" are liars and impostors - Spooner's essential message.

Lysander Spooner was born on January 19, 1808 in Athol, MA. He died in May, 1887 in Boston, MA. He grew up on a farm, which he left at age 25 to become a clerk in Worcester. Soon thereafter he started studying "law." His first seven years as a lawyer were spent in Ohio.

Spooner became involved in the Freethought movement as a pamphleteer during the thirties. In 1836 he wrote, "all men of common sense disregard authority." During the late 1830s he also became an ardent advocate for Free Banking and alternative currencies, and wrote extensively on these subjects over a period of thirty years.

In 1844 Spooner started his own postal service, the American Letter Mail Company, carrying letters between New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. In 1845 his postal company was "outlawed" by "the government." Benjamin Tucker called Spooner "the father of cheap postage in America." (Tucker was one of the most influential early American Anarchists. He said, "Liberty, to be effective, must find its first application in the realm of economics." James Martin devotes two chapters to Tucker in Men Against the State.)

Spooner opposed slavery. In 1845 and 1846 he published two booklets titled The Unconstitutionality of Slavery. Tucker described Spooner as "one of the profoundest political philosophers that ever added to the knowledge of mankind."

Spooner was also an advocate of natural law or common law. In 1846 he published Poverty: Its Illegal Causes and Legal Cure. He wrote that it was a principle of natural law that every man was entitled to "all the fruits of his own labor." He was a strong opponent of all violations of the right to make contracts, particularly the granting of monopolies by terrocrats (terrorist bureaucrats or coercive "government" agents).

In 1852 he published An Essay On The Trial By Jury. He asserted that there had never been a single legal jury trial in the United States since the adoption of the pretended "constitution." No one has explained as well as Spooner, what the phrase "trial by jury" means.

During his career as a dissident, Spooner gradually became more radical. Early on, much of his economic, financial, and political criticism was based on the argument that various measures were unconstitutional. Later on, he started to expose the illegality of the pretended "constitution" itself. Soon after the Civil War he began publishing a series of pamphlets under the title No Treason. The final one appeared in 1870 and was subtitled The Constitution of No Authority.

In my opinion, Lysander Spooner was the greatest lawyer there has ever been.

Gulliver's Travels And Alice In Wonderland
Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift, and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll can be regarded as introductions to the Spooner-insight.

In his Introduction to Gulliver's Travels, Michael Foot wrote, "It is an attempt to tear off the mask of imposture from the world..."

The essence of the Spooner-insight is that all the political systems in his time (1869) were fraudulent impostures. This is as true today as it was in Spooner's time.

The Spooner-Insight
Note: In the rest of this essay, double quotation marks are used to invalidate the concept enclosed within quotation marks. For example, "constitution" indicates that the validity of the notion of a "U.S. Constitution" is being rejected. Sometimes 'pretended' is added to emphasize the rejection of the word, concept, or notion. It is vital that you understand this syntax (grammatical structure). Where, for example, 'pretended "president"' is written, it means that there is no real president - the idea that there is a real president is being rejected. In other words, the person masquerading as "president" is an impostor and a liar.

The Spooner-insight may be the most challenging viewpoint of political systems you have been confronted with. It is vital that you think it through in all its details and implications.

Because the basic political notions have been powerfully imprinted in your brain, you may be faced with a formidable challenge. In effect, what you may have to do to drastically change what has been 'burned into your brain' all your life. Because the basic political notions are represented by physical patterns in your brain, you may have to think about the Spooner-insight for at least 21 days before it 'sinks in.'

In order to fully understand the Spooner-insight, you will probably have to read this entire essay.

Eight Elements of the Spooner-Insight:

  1. The pretended "U.S. constitution" has been a fraud and a hoax from the outset. It was never signed as a contract in any legal way by anyone. It never bound anyone. It was foisted on a naive, gullible, credulous populace.
  2. Therefore, the pretended "United States of America" has been a fraud and a hoax from the outset. It is pure imagination or make-believe.
  3. The pretended "government of the U.S.A." has no legal authority whatsoever. It is a hoax and a fraud in its entirety.
  4. All the people claiming to be "presidents," "senators," "representatives," "secretaries," "judges," "generals," "ambassadors," etc. of the pretended "U.S.A." are liars and impostors, whether they realize it or not. They are hucksters and hoaxers.
  5. The pretended "laws" of the pretended "U.S.A." are in reality no more than absurd noises and scribbles made by liars and impostors.
  6. The same applies to all other pretended "states" and "countries" of the world. Their pretended "emperors," "kings," "queens," "prime ministers," etc. have all been liars and impostors all along. Likewise, all their pretended "laws" have in reality been no more than absurd noises and scribbles of liars and impostors.
  7. The real rulers all along have been the major money lenders behind the scenes. The pretended "presidents," "senators," "representatives," "secretaries," "judges," "generals," "ambassadors," "emperors," "kings," "queens," "prime ministers," etc. are mostly pawns of the money lenders.
  8. In reality the whole world is ruled by secret bands of money lenders, tyrants, robbers, and murderers.

Objection: The Founding Fathers were honorable and sincere men with the best of intentions. The U.S. Constitution is a legitimate contract "to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity."

Response: The Founding Fathers were mostly lawyers. In their pretended "constitution" they misrepresented themselves as "We the people of the United States." They arbitrarily excluded women and blacks. They knew common law (in use at the time), which requires that for a contract to be valid it needs to be entered into knowingly, voluntarily, and intentionally by all parties. For a written contract to be valid, it must be signed by all parties. The Declaration of Independence was signed as a mutual pledge between the signatories. Comparing the Declaration to the pretended "constitution" may lead you to the conclusion that the latter was a betrayal of the former. Some of the Founding Fathers realized that the "constitution" was a betrayal of liberty, so they formulated the "bill of rights" in an attempt to undo the betrayal. The pretended "bill of rights" became part of the pretended "constitution" nearly three years after the latter was signed. The pretended "constitution" has been a fraud and a hoax from the outset - and an abomination, particularly if compared to the Declaration of Independence.

How to Grasp and Integrate the Spooner-Insight:

  1. Read this entire essay.
  2. Don't discuss this essay with just anyone. We have all been brainwashed since early childhood with political lies. They are burned into our brains. The whole population has been duped, hoodwinked, brainwashed. If you show this essay to others, most will tell you it is insane. They have been duped, hoodwinked, brainwashed.
  3. Even if you are an advanced Libertarian or Anarchist thinker, you may gain important insights from this essay.
  4. Read Report #07A: The Anatomy of Slavespeak.
  5. If necessary, re-read the eight elements of the Spooner-insight at least once a day for at least 21 days.
  6. At times thoughts may come up like, "I must be crazy to even consider the Spooner-insight." Don't let these thoughts stop you from reprogramming your brain.
  7. If necessary, re-read this entire essay from time to time.
  8. Think about the implications of the Spooner-insight and how the implications affect what you think you need to do to increase your personal freedom, wealth, and power.

As Nietzsche wrote, "Everything the state says is a lie." All our political systems are based on lies. The pretended "constitution" is a lie. The pretended "U.S.A." is a lie. All other pretended "constitutions" and pretended "countries" are lies. The idea that Bill Clinton is "president of the U.S.A." is a lie - whether he knows it or not. The same applies to all the other politicians in the world. It is all lies.

The whole population of earth is being continuously brainwashed by the media to believe the colossal political lies. You have to put in the effort to unbrainwash yourself and reprogram your mind. You have to do some serious thinking. You may have to think about the Spooner-insight for at least 21 days to let it 'sink in.'  

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