Freemasonry and Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Freemasonry and Satanic Ritual Abuse

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Freemasonry and Satanic Ritual Abuse

Excerpt from The Egyptian-Masonic-Satanic Connection by David L. Carrico

My name is Neil and I experienced at least 18 years of Satanic ritual abuse by several groups of Masons. The Masons all over the country are an organization - a secret order - and part of what they do is ritually abuse children, adults, and animals. The people in my family are to blame, as well as the Masons and our society for allowing it to happen. The Masons are an organized part of society, including politicians, judges, lawyers, policemen, rabbis, priests, doctors, etc. The Masons are all are over the country, including the female chapters, which are called Eastern Star.

This testimony by a SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) survivor should give us reason for concern about the possibility of a connection between Freemasonry and Satanic ritual abuse. What is even more compelling is the fact that this testimony is not unique. All over the United States victims are disclosing that Satanic ritual abuse is being perpetrated by Freemasons and that this type of abuse is taking place on Masonic properties.

There is now a rapidly growing awareness among therapists and Christian counter-cult ministries that high percentages of their victims have a connection with Freemasonry.

A Christian minister has worked with about 100 SRA MPD victims and reports that 90% of his victims claim that they were abused by Masonic perpetrators and that over 50% of the actual abuse took place on Masonic properties.

A practicing psychotherapist gives the following report:

I am a psychotherapist in private practice and treat mainly survivors of Satanic cult abuse. About half of the clients I treat report that their fathers were Masons. About half of the others report that a very close friend of the family's was a Mason. They recall going to parties and gatherings at the homes of Masons.

For some time now our ministry has been involved with warning the church about the cancerous anti-Christian menace of Freemasonry. We have also been compiling a record of statements from therapists and of victims like Neil who have testified to a direct connection between FREEMASONRY and SRA (SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE). These testimonies are becoming too numerous to ignore and the study of the Masonic connection in SRA could open up new areas of understanding and prevention.

Our suspicions were first aroused that there could be a connection between Freemasonry and SRA during our involvement in the "Blue House SRA case" in Evansville, Indiana. The children in Evansville alleged that they were taken from school and subjected to Satanic abuse in a blue house. According to Rick Doninger, the leading children's advocate for the 'blue house children', all of the 'blue house children' claimed that they were abused by Masonic perpetrators. Mr. Doninger also informed us that the police who investigated the 'blue house case' also were Freemasons. No arrests resulted from the investigation.

Some people say there is no reason for unusual concern when Freemasons are accused of SRA because many ministers, teachers, day care workers, and policemen have also been accused. On the surface this argument seems to make sense but the logic is faulty. What has often come out upon closer examination is that those ministers, teachers, etc., accused of SRA have a common denominator - Freemasonry.

Much of our concern and motivation to revise our original EGYPTIAN-MASONIC-SATANIC CONNECTION book was a result of requests for information like the following from a Christian lay counselor.

Dear David,

I am a Christian lay counselor who works with women who have been sexually and ritually abused. I, and other counselors I know, have had clients report childhood sexual and ritual abuse occurring during Masonic rituals. I have begun seeking confirmation from other counselors as well as those who are exposing the Masons for written material that would confirm that this type of abuse is real.

Our response to this counselor and others is, "Yes, we do believe that this abuse is real and that confirmation is coming from all parts of the country."

The following statement is from a Midwest counter-cult ministry:

Yes, I have known many SRA's who had Masons in their family - even those who were not themselves involved in the Masonic Lodges have "Masonic programming" in some part of their system....

I would roughly estimate about one-half the people I've worked with have some connection to Masons.

The following statistics on Freemasonry and SRA are from a major book in the field of SRA by Margaret Smith.

Historically, certain secret societies and fraternal organizations were accused of practicing a violent, sexualized mass. Survivors in this study also reported a relationship between perpetrator involvement in secret societies and the practice of ritual abuse. Sixty-seven percent of the survivors said their ritual abuse perpetrators were members of secret societies or fraternal organizations. Thirty-three percent said perpetrating family members were Masons.

These figures of Thirty-three percent SRA victims abused by Masons is staggering. What is even more alarming is the fact that many more could have had strong Masonic ties without the knowledge of the victim. And what is even more disturbing is that this figure is low compared to what we hear from many therapists and ministries.

Dissociation is a defense mechanism that develops in people that experience extreme circumstances that they cannot face. A licensed Psychologist, Dr. Loreda L. Fox explains:

Webster defines dissociation as a split in the conscious process in which a group of mental activities breaks away form the main stream of consciousness and functions as a separate unit, as if belonging to another person.

We all dissociate in certain circumstances, and normal trances include such things as daydreaming, fantasizing, or mental absorption. Everyone can relate to being so engrossed in an activity that the outside world is on the periphery of awareness. An example is watching T.V. while kids are laughing and playing in the background and not even being aware of them. This is dissociation.

In order to not receive certain input we have all developed the ability to tune something out. This is exactly what a person does in order to escape the reality of a harsh stimuli at the time it presents. He dissociates from it and does not experience the full impact of the experience at the time.

Our bodies are made to go into shock if we are severely wounded so that we do not feel the pain. People who are shot or stabbed often say that they felt nothing at the time. Our mind also goes into shock and removes itself from traumatic awareness.

A client told me that her brother used to describe how he would leave his body and stand and watch while his father beat him. He bragged that when he did this, the beatings did not hurt him at all, and therefore he continued to seperate from similar traumatic events. This is a simple explanation of dissociation.

What is sad is that dissociation is taught to people in Satanic cults. This is so that MPD [Multiple Personality Disorder] will develop in the victim and the memories of the abuse will be hidden in one of the alter-personalities. The victims who cannot dissociate and repress the memories are usually sacrificed. Psychotherapist Wendy Hoffman explains:

\Dissociation is different for survivors of satanic cult abuse. The cult carefully teaches the art of dissociation. Its victims' lives depend on their capacity to learn it young and fast. Dissociation is a required subject taught in its school, like math or satanic writing. Moreover, the cult insists that its victims master simultaneously dissociation and not dissociating. It's easy for cult members to tell by looking at somebody whether he is dissociating. They can check on a member's dissociative skill just as easily as they can check on whether his addition is accurate.

Dissociation also occurs in what the Freemasons and other occultists call initiation. The candidate dissociates and opens his mind up to demons who give him spiritual experience. The goal of occult initiation is what is called "Cosmic Consciousness" or sometimes "Christ Consciousness" where the initiate comes to the point that he believes he is God.

Read carefully how this Freemason talks about the need to dissociate in Masonic initiation and how to be a "Master" you must be able to "shut off consciousness at will". The following quote is from The Masonic Initiation by W. L. Wilmshurst.

Nevertheless, a measure of dissociation does occur naturally in even the most healthy and well-organized people (and of cases of abnormal psychic looseness of constitution we need not speak). It occurs in sleep, when the consciousness may be vividly active, whether in an orderly or disorderly manner; people "travel" in their sleep. It occurs at times of illness or violent shock. It may be induced by alcohol or drugs; the "anesthetic revelation" is a well recognized phenomenon. Under any of these conditions there may be a complete ec-stasis, or conscious standing out or away of the Ego from the physical body. Apparitions and even action at a distance are well accredited facts. Such phenomena are explicable only upon the suppositions of the existence of a subtler vehicle than the gross body, of the fact that consciousness becomes temporarily transferred from the latter to the former, and that the two are capable of conjoint function in complete independence of the physical brain and body....

A Master, however, is one who has outgrown the incapacities to which the undeveloped average man is subject. Unlike the latter, he is in full knowledge and control of all his parts; whether his physical body be awake or wrapped in sleep, he maintains unbroken consciousness. He is able at will to shut off consciousness of temporal affairs and apply it to supra-physical ones. He can thus function at a distance from his physical body, whether upon the mundane or upon higher planes of the cosmic ladder....

Initiation always occurs when the physical body is in a state of trance or sleep, and when the temporarily liberated consciousness has been transferred to a higher level.


NOT ALL FREEMASONS ARE SATANISTS and many of them would heartily oppose the Satanic activity that we have described in this book. FREEMASONRY REMAINS SUPREMELY AN ORGANIZATION THAT DECEIVES GOOD MEN! Not all Freemasons have a "god-hood experience" in initiation. In fact, most do not. Many Masons go through the rituals and give little thought to their deeper meaning. Not all Masons are bad people. Many have a high standard of morality and are concerned and caring people. If you fancy yourself such a Mason, let us say this to you: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS AND DOCTRINES THAT THE MASONIC LODGE PERPETRATES, YOUR HANDS ARE NOT CLEAN. YOU CANNOT REAP THE BENEFIT OF POWER AND PRESTIGE OF THE LODGE AND REMAIN ALOOF FROM THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT GOES ON THERE.

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(Inclusion here does not imply the author's endorsement or support of other authors on the subject included here.)

See more Dave McGowan at The Center for Public Information,

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Propaganda by Edward Bernays

Walter Lippmann's book, Public Opinion, published in 1922, detailed the study in which he and Edward Bernays were involved while in London during the First World War. It had to do with painting pictures inside people's heads, which were cunningly and deliberately designed by expert craftsmen to mislead not only individuals but entire societies.

Pawns in the Game by William Guy Carr

This is the classic expose' of the New World Order from a Commander in the Canadian Navy through the first half of the 20th Century. Commander Carr was introduced to the Hidden Hand early in his life and pursuing its mysteries became a lifelong mission.

Social Credit by CH Douglas

In every country of the world the global financial system has repeatedly been brought to the Bar of Public Opinion as the chief factor in world unrest, and there is little doubt that the jury of We the People has confirmed the Verdict somewhat rhetorically expressed by Mr. William Jennings Bryan in his famous election speech: "The money power preys upon the nation in times of peace, and conspires against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces, as public enemies, all who question its methods, or throw light upon its crimes. It can only be overthrown by the awakened conscience of the nation." Social Credit by C.H. Douglas can clarify the issues from which we can move forward to create a financial system that is fair and equitable.

Final Warning: A History of the New World Order by by David Allen Rivera

David Allen Rivera has assembled a very carefully written history that can serve us well. To have been ignored in the history books, by the colleges and universities, the print and electronic media, and the entire national and international discussion shows their power to control the flow of information as much as they control the flow of money. What they intend to do with this power and influence should be one of the most vital topics of conversation.

An Independent Investigation of 9-11 and its Zionist Connection by Dr. Albert Pastore

History provides patterns that we can learn to recognize so that we can avoid them.  Properly presented, history provides any of us with invaluable tools to help us see behind the illusions.  No one who is paying attention to the patterns and their application to today's events would fail to miss the signals or the dog that fails to bark.

Uranium Wars by Leuren Moret

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Taking Back Your Power by Allen Aslan Heart

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Stop playing THEIR game. Take back your power. Stop paying taxes that are not legal or lawful. Stop paying bills you don't really owe. Debt Elimination! Stop using THEIR money. There ARE ways if you open your mind and look for the gaps in their fences that keep the sheeple in their pasture. Are you chattel or a real person? You are the one who makes that choice.

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