The Australian Bank Heist Condoned by Reserve Bank Watchdog

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Former RBA governor Bernie Fraser

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Table of Contents

Bank Fraud in Australia is Systemic - part 2 - part 3

Banking Inquiry Speech by Senator John Williams in the Australian Federal Senate

Bank Fraud Exposed - Money out of YOUR Pocket!

Australian Bank Malpractice: Crucifixion and Resurrection

Australian Justice, Court Jesters, and Constitutional Crisis

Unfinished Business: Searching for a National Conscience

The Australian Bank Heist Condoned by Reserve Bank Watchdog

The Foreign Currency Loan Experience in 1980s Australia: Dwyer v Commonwealth Bank of Australia -  2 - 3 - 4 - 5

The Quade Appeal on Decision vs CBA - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

Jones Letter to CBA Noting Hypocrisy concerning Dwyer

Dwyer Letter to Kevin Rudd

Dwyer Letter to Malcolm Turnbull, MP

Malcolm XXX Finally Rings at Election Time

Bank Fraud in Australia Is a Step Toward Controlling the Economy and the People

Bank Fraud in Australia Is Systemic and Affects All Australians

WestPac Letter Warning of Foreign Currency Loan Risks

Articles by Evan Jones

The NAB and Its Publicity Grabs

Innovation at the NAB and Grab

NAB accused of dirty tricks in Queensland

Bank Fraud and John Howard

Australian Four Pillars Bank Policy

Document Discovery and the Australian Courts

A Case Study in the Adverse Small Business Environment in Australia

The Walter Family and the National Australia Bank - part 2

The Victorian Courts  - part 2

The Industry and the Federal Authorities

The State of Victoria and the Bracks Government

The NAB and the New Public Relations Program

The Regulators, the Law and Bank Malpractice - part 2

Conclusion and References

The Banks and Small Business Borrowers: case studies of adversity by Evan Jones

1  - Introduction
2 - Goonans
3 - Paul Buckman
4 - The Walter family
5 - The McMinns
6 - Lynton Freeman
7 - Ross Delahunty
8 - Keith Smith
9 - The Somersets

Final Warning: A History of the New World Order

Banks Behaving Badly

When the Bankers became Con-men

NABbed - an overcharging scandal involving the biggest Australian bank

Tony Rigg -Never in Default


2 - Fraudulent Swiss Franc loans

3 - Insider Trading within a Secret Society

4 - Corrupt Receiver and Illegal Eviction

5 - Collusion in Government

6 - Commonwealth Bank Code of Practice

7 - Pioneer in Steel Structure Building

8 - Summary of Argument on Appeal from Federal Court

9 - Brief for Joanna Gash, Federal MP from Gilmore

Steve Heinrich's Last Submission to Federal Court

Wilfred Taylor

Corporate Australia

Patricia Poulos, Senior Consultant and Head of Litigation

The plight of Tony Rigg and others is a disgrace.

What a blight on the Legal System and the government, when the likes of successful businessman Tony Rigg has had to assume the role of his own lawyer.

Try though they may, these wonderful Australians are no match for those who act for the banks and other lending institutions and who, without
conscience, sacrifice these innocents to the scrapheap.

With my knowledge and experience, no stone will be left unturned in researching documents in order to uncover the truth and put it before the

Patricia Poulos

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Political Leaders and Pundits Are Clueless About Bailout Rejection

Mortgage Fraud -- The Paulson Bail-Out Plan

The Great Depression of the 21st Century: Collapse of the Real Economy

Paulson's Blunders as Debt Securitization Market Remains Frozen

The Corrupt Origins of Central Banking

Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel Tops Recipients of Wall Street Money

Global Economic Criminals - 2 - 3

Zionists Subjugate Our Nations by Controlling Our Political Parties

Choosing Evil – Are Elections the Great American Illusion?

Inverted Totalitarianism US Politics & Government 

Brave New World 2008- Loving Your Servitude

Federal judge tells trust to show clear mortgage documentation in foreclosures

Errors in loan documents can save strapped homeowners

Woman Tried to Prevent the Financial Mess Silenced by Greenspan, Rubin, Summers

Politicians, lobbyists shielded financiers - Lack of liability laws fueled firms' avarice - 1

Mortgage system crumbled while regulators jousted - 2

Bailout in the Public Interest Should Not Reward Profiteers

Pork and Toy Arrows: the Bailout Bill of 2008

Bailout by Stealth

Naked Short Selling and Phantom Stock by Criminals in the Financial Markets

Money and Votes in Last Debate Over Bank Deregulation

Panic Consolidate Game Over but Not for Gold and Silver

The Inevitable End of the Central Banking and Political Money Regime

Fraud in Global Economy: The Law of Supply and Demand Is Dead for Gold and Silver

Hedge Funds, Naked Short Selling, Phantom Stocks and Stock Market Collapse- 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12- 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17

The Coming Collapse of the Modern Banking System:  Staring Into the Abyss

Economic Collapse of 2008 An Inside Job - 2

Behind the Stock Market Illusion is Government Collusion

The Slide, the slide, the long coming sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide

The Condition of the Dollar

I Want The Earth Plus 5% -- an allegory that's not a fairy tale.

Collapse of the Dollar: How America Was Set Up to Take a Fall

Confronting the Illegal Money System

The Federal Reserve Dollar is Private Money Derived from Private Credit

Billions for Bankers - Debts for the People - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

Real Story of Money is Global Control

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CAFRs Are the True State of the State, Not Budgets

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Behind the Stock Market Illusion is Government Collusion

Stopping an IRS Audit with 32 questions

Social Security Number and W-4

Recording a Notice of Lien as a Lien

Drug Smuggling

Why Taxes Are Not Necessary

Income Taxes are Cartoon Images of the Law

Hidden Truth about Income Taxes

Agent Reveals IRS is a Fraud

The Australian Bank Heist:

Fraud, Perjury, Conspiracy, Aiding and Abetting, Misprision of Felony

There is clear and ample evidence, prima facie evidence, that corruption is widespread in Australia’s leading banks. In several cases it has been condoned and even aided and abetted at the highest level of the Australian government. Those ministers in authority, who were responsible for action against criminal activity, have ignored potent evidence when it has been put before them. They are now, intentionally or unintentionally, part of a huge conspiracy of silence which when it breaks will reveal indifference, cronyism, corruption and moral weakness on a grand scale.

Former senator, Paul McLean has written,

Statutory authorities, banks a parliamentary inquiry, policing and investigatory agencies have ignored and suppressed evidence, colluded together in false arrest and utterings and ignored their statutory obligations on a massive scale. Senior officers in banks, statutory authorities and other prominent figures have perjured themselves, taken bribes, avoided taxes and conspired in fraudulent activities. Vendettas against individuals have given rise to contrived and unnecessary trials and investigations which have cost the taxpayer tens of millions of dollars. These have often concealed and distorted more than they have revealed.

Indeed, it can and will be argued that many individuals in high office and agencies have, in direct contradiction of their obligations, willfully acted and conspired against the public interest. Many others have done so through indifference, fear, or lack of moral courage.

All of these assertions can be substantiated. Yet no responsible authority has addressed these realities.

The letters from Allen Allen and Hemsley, Australia’s largest law firm advising Australia’s largest commercial bank at the time, state that in view of Westpac’s own attorneys, the bank would be found guilty of breach of fiduciary responsibility, corporate fraud, tax evasion, and breach of statutory obligation to the Reserve Bank of Australia.  The lawyers then take the unusual step of proposing a strategy which will minimize just outcomes

Most importantly, the author of the Westpac letters refers to a number of documents which he attached to his letter and in the strongest terms urges the reader to examine them. He wrote, “All those reading this letter should read these documents, they are devastating.”

The Westpac Letters were in the possession of the Martin Committee and have been placed before the then Prime Minister, Treasurer, Attorney General, Minister for Justice, Leader of the Opposition, and then in the hands of the Federal Police, the Victorian Fraud Squad, the New South Wales Fraud Squad and the National Crime Authority. NONE of these have sought to examine the missing “devastating” evidence.

Francis Galbally, perhaps Australia’s leading criminal defence attorney, sent a letter of advice to then Senator Paul McLean “…there is evidence of criminal activity on the part of PPL and its employees which should, therefore, be the subject of an appropriate investigation.”

On 7 March 1991 he wrote:

Our view is that the responsible executives of PPL engaged in or were party to point-taking and deal switching which was for the ultimate pecuniary benefit and advantage of PPL and Westpac.

The material before us is sufficient to make out a prima facie case of obtaining a financial advantage by deception as contained in Section 82 of the Crimes Act, 1958 (VIC) as amended and which has been duplicated in the Crimes Act of New South Wales 1900 as amended.

In doing the acts of point taking and deal switching and concealing the financial results of that to the customers, in our view, amounts to a prima facie case of obtaining a financial advantage by deception. It may also raise a prima facie case relating to related offences dealing with false accounting etc.

There appears to be little doubt on the material contained in the letters from Allen Allen & Hemsley that money earned from point taking and deal switching was used for the financial benefit and financial gain and the financial advantage of PPL and ultimately Westpac Banking Corporation.

Galbally then considered the question, “Did the Westpac letters make accessories of the Westpac Board of Directors and the senior management who acted on that advice?”

We advise, however, that in our view, there is a strong prima facie case that the author of the Allen Allen & Hemsley has committed a transgression of the criminal law relating to aiding and abetting a criminal offence and perhaps being guilty of a conspiracy relating to those activities.

In the first of the letters from Allen Allen & Hemsley, the solicitor formed the view that both of the illegal transactions referred to above, did in fact take place. In the letters, he sets out a strategy for PPL and Westpac whereby the loss to the customers by the prima facie criminal activity of PPL can be decreased. He also urges PPL and Westpac to keep the lid on the fact that these crimes on a prima facie basis had been committed and does not suggest in any way, that there should be restitution in respect of the prima facie criminal activities. He does not advise PPL or Westpac to desist immediately from any further financial dealings which may disadvantage customers or that there should be full disclosure which should be made to the customers despite their numerous complaints to PPL.

In our view, therefore, there is prima facie evidence that the Solicitor concerned aided and abetted or was an accessory after the fact to the commission of obtaining a financial advantage by deception. Indeed, it is arguable that there is a prima facie case that the Solicitor and all the Chief Executives of Westpac Banking Corporation who were privy to the Solicitor’s advice were guilty of the conspiracy to do so.

[ …]

It is a matter that requires a full and complete investigation.  As we have indicated in our previous advice, that investigation could, in our view, only be properly accomplished by a full judicial enquiry such as a Royal Commission.

In one court action the Westpac Letters were sought in discovery but the bank claimed that they were missing.

Should vital questions raised by these amazing documents not be addressed, and if the clear indifference or impotence in relations to them do not raise a huge public furore, then indeed Australia is a Nation without a Conscience.

Then there are the two internal confidential reports written by former Westpac executive, Clive Alexander, which drew attention to widespread malpractice but which mysteriously went missing within the system for four years. Senior management at Westpac publicly denied on Four Corners that these documents ever existed. Stuart Fowler of Westpac testified before the Martin Banking Inquiry that the damage to the bank’s clients was minimal and painted the bank as a benevolent institution when the reality was far more stark and contradictory to the strategy laid forth in the Westpac Letters and carried out in the bank’s subsequent behavior.

Treasurer Dawkins sent the Westpac Letters without the “devastating” evidence to the National Securities Commission even though its chairman, Tony Hartnell, was a senior partner of Allen Allen & Hemsley. The irony of this conflict of interest did not seem to register with Dawkins that he might very well be referring government business to a partner in the conspiracy to defraud the bank’s customers.

Addressing this to the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, Paul McLean wrote

You will be aware that there is a burning determination in some quarters that, in the national interest, this trauma must run its full course. It seems that sadly, many more people are potentially implicated in what may prove to be the blackest page in our grubby corporate history.

[ … ]

I therefore, on behalf of many others, call on you and your board to accept and conscientiously examine the clear evidence available. Should such evidence so demand, then some Australian banks must, in the public interest, be deprived of their licences and appropriate authorities be directed to determine if and where criminal charges should be laid.

Ten days later a letter from Bernie Fraser, Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, without requesting the “hard” evidence responded briefly:

It can be argued that the behaviour of banks generally towards their customers over recent years has left something to be desired.  I do not, however, believe the problems to be as ingrained as you infer. Most of the cases of dispute which you discuss have been – or continue to be – the subject of court action and many also have been reviewed by other competent authorities.

In the circumstances, and in the absence of any hard evidence of specific wrongdoings by individual banks, I do not believe that discussions between us would serve any useful purpose.


Mr. Fraser did not seem to take seriously his responsibility to hold the banks to their statutory obligations granted by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

This same challenge was presented to Glenn Stevens, Esq. Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia on 6 October 2006.


If the Australian Parliament, government agencies, courts, and institutions are incapable of right action, what is the purpose of government?

Is Australia a Nation without Conscience?

See also: Bank Fraud: Crucifixion and Resurrection in Australia

and Unfinished Business: Searching for a National Conscience

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Debt Elimination is Real Freedom
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